“Somebody S—c—r—e—a—m!” was a familiar saying that Arnie would passionately say in the mic to his audience members while smiling from ear to ear. His audience members would scream back with excitement and dance the night away to his captivating accordion, vocal and drum skills, playing the music he so loved so much, which was Tejano music.

Arnie was born February 14, 1965 (on Valentine’s Day) in Oakland, California. He was the youngest son to Alberto and Martha Almaguer and was a lifelong resident of the Bay Area, in Northern California.
At the age of three, he started playing the drum’s; influenced by his parent’s love for Tejano music. Arnie’s parents knew he had a talent for music once they heard him playing.
By the age of seven, he started being mentored by Lauro Guajardo, a very talented musician. Guajardo influenced Arnie’s musical talent on the drums. Given Arnie’s extraordinary talent, he was invited to play with Guajardo’s band. In addition, Arnie’s love for the drums was also influenced by his older brother, Albert Almaguer Jr., who was a professional drummer with Los Huracanes del Norte. At the age of around fifteen, Arnie got a once in a lifetime opportunity touring for several months with Los Huracanes del Norte.
In addition to playing the drums, Arnie discovered a passion for the accordion. To demonstrate his dedication for mastering this new skill. Arnie sold his first car to buy his own accordion (to the surprise of his parents). He had many accordion mentors throughout his lifetime; Israel Sanchez Sr., Oscar Garcia Sr., Antonio Sanchez Sr., and Juan Villareal from Los Cachorros. Further influences came from his childhood friend, Benny Sanchez, who played an influential role by showing Arnie how to play the accordion. Arnie was inspired by Ramon Ayala music as he incorporated his style and added his own flare. Arnie’s professional accordion performances started with Los Duques; playing with Sammy Contreras, Max Contreras and Tony Sanchez Jr. It was during this time that Arnie found his passion for singing. Groups such as Flaco Jimenez, Little Joe, and Groupo Rio with Raulito became interested in Arnie’s various talents. His musical career was composed of groups such as; Tejano Bad Boys, Los Tejano 4, Grupo Firme, Silveradoz and Eslabon.
Perhaps Arnie is best known for his hilarious personality. He had a way to make people laugh when you were feeling down, and brighten the darkest days. Perhaps the best memories of Arnie are that of his birthday. He would never let those close to him forget his birthday. He had several methods that included group texts, phone calls and in person reminders.
Although Arnie left us much too early to forever live in paradise, on March 8th, 2012, Eslabon wrote a corridor in his memory. It included part of Arnie’s favorite song,“Entierrenme Cantando” by Ramon Ayala.
Arnie Almaguer, a son, brother, uncle, husband and friend dedicated his life to playing Tejano music. He is a 2015 inductee into the San Jose Musicians Memorial Hall of Fame for his dedication and commitment to Tejano Music.
We miss you Arnie; forever in our hearts and prayers!