Who We Are

Our programming plan for Tejano Lippz is primarily Tejano music. Although Tejano will be our primary music, we also play mainstream, Old School, Country, and Rock. Having a variety of DJs helps us create a timetable with DJ slots that play different styles of music at different times of day, that allows us to keep variety in our station. Our DJs keep their audience up to date with current Tejano news and artist releases and interviews. This helps Tejano Lippz to continue to maintain a large customer base. Constant stream of music content that appeals to Tejano music audience, music is streamed 24/7 thru our Auto DJ, when there is no live broadcasting. Regular giveaways of merchandise to listeners thru Facebook and Tejano Lippz website.

Tejano music is a very relaxing style and it reminds me of home


The Values

The A Team Foundations Mission, Objectives and Vision Statements are as follows:



The mission of the A-Team Foundation is Keeping Tejano Alive, via the memory of Arnie Almaguer.



Our goal is to lead the Tejano Community, by showing mutual respect; acceptance of others without biases based on differences of any kind.



The vision of the A-Team is to Keep Tejano Alive in every state, we want to leave the Tejano Cultural for future generations.

Our Story

The beginning

Tejano Lippz is an Internet Radio Station founded through our non-profit A-Team sponsorship with the collaboration of Sylvia Harrelson, Sidalia Mendoza, and Gabriel Rios, in memory of Arnie Almaguer. Arnie Almaguer was very instrumental in bringing Tejano to Northern Cali and was an amazing accordionist who lost his life to early. Tejano Lippz believes that by keeping Arnies memory alive, we are keeping Tejano music alive.

Our style

The desire of every one directly connected to both A-Team and Tejano Lippz is to support and promote Tejano artists, while spreading unity among our people. Along the way, we do our part to ensure that our culture is alive and kicking so that our younger generations do not lose touch with the beauty of our music and our culture. The support that has been felt within the Tejano community, our friends, and family in this endeavor is truly humbling and we are blessed to be in the middle of this circle that is much bigger than us because it’s not about us.

Tejano Lippz is broadcasting right from the comfortable surroundings of our home and will play our favorite music for friends and family and be a promoter of Tejano music. We will be a significant informant and entertainer for our local community, starting in our town ending at the other side of the world.

New Future

The decision to become nonprofit comes from the fact that our first principle is to educate our community about our Tejano culture. With education comes knowledge to teach our young children about our culture. We also will strive to help up and coming artist to succeed, so they can carry the torch of our legends who have carried torch of the ones who passed it to them.

Our Sister Stations